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Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia) AI Voice

Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia) RVC AI Voice Model Download & Song Examples. Listen to samples and download the free RVC AI voice model.

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Get ready to experience a new level of music with AI Mina Ashido’s collection of songs! Produced with VITS Retrieval based Voice Conversion methods by a community of AI enthusiasts, this album features a variety of styles and languages, showcasing the model’s ability to adapt to different sources. From rock to ska, in English, German, and Spanish, these tracks are a must-have for anyone who loves music that’s fresh, innovative, and diverse.

These audios were produced in a large batch, with little effort to adapt the model to each individual song. The results are not perfect, but they are a good starting point for further fine-tuning. We hope you enjoy them!

Get the code to use these models and learn about RVC (Retrieval based Voice Conversion) This is a fan-made project and is not affiliated with Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia) in any way.

Love Me Nnxka [listen to original]

Tags: R&B Original: Female

03 Weggeschwommen Roggn [listen to original]

Tags: Rock Original: Male German

Agatha Roams Tonight [listen to original]

Tags: Vaudeville Original: Male

Alejandro Seijas El Cuarto Del Terror [listen to original]

Tags: Latino Original: Male Spanish

Are You With Me Poprock [listen to original]

Tags: Pop Original: Male Rock

Coming Home Indie Pop [listen to original]

Tags: Country Original: Male Indie Pop

Country Pop Song Closer By Nellie Mar [listen to original]

Tags: Country Original: Female Pop

Easy Listening Soul [listen to original]

Tags: Soul Easy Listening Original: Female Belarusian

Electric Lullaby [listen to original]

Tags: Contemporary Rock New Age Original: Male

Female Hip Hop [listen to original]

Tags: Hip Hop Original: Female

Good Life [listen to original]

Tags: Rap Hip Hop Original: Male

Govinda Mantra Female Voice With Tanpura And Sitar [listen to original]

Tags: Mantra Indian Original: Female

Heart Ft Rfly [listen to original]

Tags: Pop Rock Original: Male

Mercy [listen to original]

Tags: Reggae Original: Female

Mind You Mouth Vernon Maytone Brotheration Reggae [listen to original]

Tags: Reggae Original: Male

Pass Love Along Vernon Maytone Brotheration Reggae [listen to original]

Tags: Reggae Original: Male

Phoenix [listen to original]

Tags: Rap Trap Explicit Original: Male

Popcorn And Roses [listen to original]

Tags: Pop Rock Original: Male

Reconsider Baby [listen to original]

Tags: Blues Original: Male

Reggaeton Song Yohan Yung Dale [listen to original]

Tags: Reggaeton Latino Original: Male

Tomar Oi Rongin Akhash Copyright Free Bangla Music [listen to original]

Tags: Bangla Bengali Original: Male

Trust Fund Hippy [listen to original]

Tags: Pop Folk Original: Male

Vampire [listen to original]

Tags: Ska Explicit Original: Male

Waiting For Your Call Liquid Dinner Remix Ft Jungle Leez [listen to original]

Tags: Pop Original: Female

When I Get Home [listen to original]

Tags: Reggae Acoustic Explicit Original: Male

Young Forever Indie Folk [listen to original]

Tags: Country Original: Male

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