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Cerebras GPT

The Cerebras-GPT family is released to facilitate research into LLM scaling laws using open architectures and data sets and demonstrate the simplicity of and scalability of training LLMs on the Cerebras software and hardware stack.

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Cerebras-GPT Models

Welcome to the Cerebras-GPT family of models! These are a type of AI known as language models, which are designed to understand and generate human language. This family includes numerous models, each varying in complexity and capacity.

These models were created to boost research into these types of AIs, providing researchers and practitioners with a solid foundation to build upon. They can help in a variety of fields including Natural Language Processing (NLP), ethics, and AI alignment research.

Cerebras-GPT models were trained on a dataset called ‘The Pile’, which primarily includes English texts. Because of this, these models are best utilized for tasks in the English language and may not be as efficient for tasks like machine translation.

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