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Join the AI Models Collaboration Network!

Welcome to the Collaboration Network, a community-driven initiative aimed at fostering collaboration, visibility, and mutual advancement among projects working on open source/free software AI.

This is a new initiative and can go many directions

If your curious or would like to contribute in some way please reach out at or visit our discord

What is the Network Directory?

The Network Directory is a platform that showcases projects within the Collaborative Backlinking Network. It provides a centralized hub for discovering innovative AI initiatives and facilitates the exchange of backlinks to support the growth and visibility of participating projects.

Be Part of the Network

Are you involved in an open source/free software AI project? Join the Collaborative Backlinking Network and benefit from:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your project within a supportive community and gain exposure to a wider audience.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Explore potential collaborations with other like-minded projects and amplify your collective impact.
  • Backlink Exchange: Participate in a reciprocal backlinking system, where projects support each other by providing relevant and valuable backlinks.
  • Networking and Knowledge Sharing: Connect with other AI enthusiasts, share insights, and stay informed about the latest developments in the field.

What AI Models Offers

By joining the Collaborative Backlinking Network through AI Models, your project receives the following additional benefits:

  • Press Release: Your project will receive a dedicated press release, welcoming it into the network and describing its unique aspects. This press release will be shared with our extensive network of AI enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals, increasing visibility and recognition for your project.
  • Project Details in AI Community Directory: Your project will have its own dedicated space in the AI-Projects directory, located one level deep from the root at AI Community Directory . This directory serves as a central hub for showcasing AI projects and providing detailed information about your project’s goals, technologies, and achievements. As more projects join and the list grows, pagination may be introduced, but projects joining initially will retain 1st level linking.

Why Choose AI Models?

Joining the Collaborative Backlinking Network with AI Models offers unique advantages:

  • Dedication to High-Quality Links: AI Models prioritizes high-quality backlinks, ensuring that the network remains free from spam and irrelevant links. This commitment to quality ensures that your project receives valuable and reputable links that positively impact its visibility and search engine ranking.
  • Established Search Engine Positioning: As a relatively new site, AI Models has already achieved a prominent search engine position for relevant keywords. For example, when searching for ‘ai models downloads,’ AI Models consistently ranks between positions 1 and 2. By joining the network, your project has the potential to leverage this established positioning and gain visibility among industry players.
  • Opportunity for Small Projects: The Collaborative Backlinking Network with AI Models provides an opportunity for small projects to establish a foothold among bigger players in the AI field. By participating in the network, your project can gain exposure and recognition, opening doors to collaboration, partnerships, and further growth.

How to Join?

Getting started is easy! Simply read the Operating Procedures to understand the guidelines and principles of the network. If you believe your project aligns with the network’s values, we invite you to join by following the steps outlined in the procedures.

Join us in creating a vibrant and collaborative AI ecosystem!

If you have any questions, I’m typically available in discord

*Note: The Network Directory is currently under development, and there are no projects listed at the moment. However, we encourage you to join the network!