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What is an AI Model?

An AI Model is a set of algorithms and mathematical equations that are used to train a computer to behave in a certain way. AI Models are used to teach computers to be able to recognize patterns, analyze data, and make decisions without needing to be told what to do. The purpose of an AI Model is to be able to make decisions and predictions without needing to be explicitly programmed to do so.

Common Uses of AI Models

AI Models are used in a variety of fields including healthcare, finance, and robotics. AI Models can be used to detect diseases, analyze financial data, and control robots. AI Models can also be used to help automate everyday tasks such as self-driving cars or to help with customer service. AI Models can also be used to help improve the accuracy of predictions and decisions in a variety of fields.

How would I train an AI Model?

If you wanted to use an AI Model, you would need to first collect a large set of data. This data would then be used to train the AI Model. You would then use the AI Model to make decisions and predictions based on the data that it has been trained on.

Who creates AI models?

AI Models are trained by machine learning engineers, data scientists, and software

Some Features in the works

Download Once
Download large model files once and use anywhere
More Secure
One point of ingress and validation that stored models are official
Serves convenience for end users and developers
Open Source
Code uses Apache2 licence!

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